Don’t do life alone!
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Our vision is “Don’t Do Life Alone.” That also means don’t do church, ministry, life or business alone.

Join our growing family and let’s do life, church, pastoring, ministry, the prophetic, business, entrepreneurship and leadership together!

Dominion Network is a global family and movement of God bringing leaders, churches, entrepreneurs, apostolic and prophetic voices as one to do life together for this next great move of God, while cultivating genuine relationships and restoring the Dominion mandate.

At Dominion Network we:

Cover churches. Equip Leaders. Empower Entrepreneurs.

Cover Churches: This include providing accountability, systems, love and care, protection, prayer, spiritual care, fellowship, administrative authority and oneness in the propagation of the gospel of Christ.

Churches and ministries of Dominion Network are autonomous and reflect their own unique identities.

Equip Leaders: We believe that every person is born with the potential to lead and influence others. From the pew to church leaders, government leaders, educators, marketplace leaders and beyond. We are training a global army of men and women who are changing the world!

Empower Entrepreneurs: This is the day and age where God is raising kingdom entrepreneurs and innovators who will reflect Christ’s values in the marketplace! Dominion Network’s mission is to empower kingdom leaders and entrepreneurs to success in their respective fields.